Lotus Leaf Pattern Jewelry

1.The beautiful meaning of the lotus leaf
The homonym of lotus is “harmony”,so its meaning is very beautiful.Mostly reflected in marriage and career.It is very suitable for women to wear.
A harmonious union lasting a hundred years. As everyone knows, the lotus, not muddy, is a symbol of purity. In many weddings, the lotus leaf element will also be used to bless the new couple for goodness and forever.Wearing jade lotus leaves also means that the feelings between husband and wife are really close to each other. Of course, if it is worn by women, it can also add personal charm. After all, the lotus leaf is very delicate and feminine.
Have many sons and grandsons. The lotus leaves are green and lush, see from a distance, you can feel the vitality of the flourishing. Therefore, the lotus leaf has the meaning of “opening branches and leaves”, plus the lotus seed’s many sons and more blessings….Whether male or femalewear also have the effect of blessing the whole family. In addition, jadelotus is also suitable for gift to newlyweds, bless them have a baby soon.
“Rise to fame overnight”. “Leaf” sound like “night”, it has the auspicious meaning: “rise to fame overnight ” ! Moreover, the lotus leaf is huge and can gather rainwater, which will give people a feeling of openness and dignified.Therefore, the jade lotus leaf is also suitable for people who are striving in their careers.
2. The combination of jade and lotus
The unique lotus leaf meaning is very good, but if combined with other things, it is even more better.
Lotus leaf + flower
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This is the most common theme. The lotus leaf is matched with a single lotus flower, meaning “out of the mud and not dyed”, indicating that the wearer is a gentleman who is clean and honest, dignified and elegant. If it is a pair of double lotus, and then with the lotus leaf, it is a symbol of love solid as gold. It is suitable for married people to wear.
Lotus leaf + small fish
This is also very common, the fish swimsunder the lotus leaf forming the scene of the fish playing with the lotus leaf.This means that blessing the whole family is full of happiness. Of course, there are also the styles of lotus leaf + lotus flower + small fish, which also have the same meaning.
Lotus Leaf + golden toad
In the folklore, golden toadis a mascot that can be lucky and make money, plus the homonym of the lotus leaf, “Lian”, which is a combination of the two means to be rich. In addition, there is also the style of the golden toad on the lotus leaf, which is more suitable for playing and arppreciate.
Lotus Leaf + Avalokitesvara
Everyone knows that Avalokitesvaraholds a bottle of willow, but if it is replaced by a lotus leaf, it symbolizes “turn misfortune into prosperity”. And Avalokitesvara is mercy, wearing it can make people stay away from right and wrong, remove distracting thoughts, and become calm.
3. How to choose jadelotus
If you do not consider the water and color of the jade (preferably green) but for the style, it is recommended that you choose a lotus leaf that looks fat and has a clear texture.
Fleshy feeling
The lotus leaf is different from other leaves, and it must not be narrow and thin, so it must be wide and fat! Because it has the meaning of open-mindedness, so the exquisite jade lotus leaf jewelry<2>has a “fleshy feeling”.
Grain clarity
The grain of the jade lotus leaf should be clear, natural, and smooth, so that the beauty of the lotus leaf can be revealed. Otherwise, it looks like a disc, and there is no aura.