How to take Care of Your Cookie Cutters?

How to take Care of Your Cookie Cutters?

It is very important to know, how to clean and take care of your cookie cutters, so they would last you a lifetime. Here are few tips about different kind of cookie cutters.

Metal Cookie Cutters

Metal cookie cutters are probably the most popular cookie cutters out there. They are usually fairly cheap cause of the material to make them as well as the process of making them is cheap.

The biggest enemy for your metal cookie cutters is moisture. You should always wash your metal cookie cutters by hand in warm soapy water. Never leave them sitting in the water, not even for a short time, or they will rust. Once clean, they should be dried immediately to prevent rusting. You can put them in the warm oven to dry. The oven will help dry in the places you can’t reach. You want to get them dried quickly, and thoroughly. Metal cookie cutters can be easily bent, so store them carefully and loosely in bins or drawers.

Plastic Cookie Cutters

Obviously, this method of drying does not apply to the plastic 3D cutters. Plastic cookie cutters must be washed by hand in lukewarm water. If the water is too hot, the cutters might melt in it, depending on the material they are made out of. It is not as important to dry them immediately because, of course, they will not tarnish or rust. But keeping them away from a high heat source is critical so that they will not melt or warp. Plastic 3D cookie cutters can be stored just about any way you wish, and usually it’s pretty easy to keep them in good shape.

So it’s important to remember that metal cookie cutters don’t like moisture and have to be dried quickly. And plastic cookie cutters enemy is the heat, so keep them away from direct sunlight and any other hot environment.